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2005-01-01 10:26 p.m.


A quick note.

Went out with Kami last night for New Year's. Ended up at that black hole club. We were hanging out near the entrance, and who happened to come in but That Girl (the painfully beautiful one, not the kiss stealer). She was wearing little butterfly wings and a goddamn tiara. I think she recognized me. Kami (who had and has no idea of my (non) history with this girl) started playing with her little wings and then asked her to take a picture of us. Which she did.

Then she went off and danced in the exact same spot she took the last time I encountered her. And she came and left alone just like last time. I guess she just likes dancing. (Or strutting her stuff, more likely.) I felt fleeting interest this time but not the overwhelming allure I felt before, which was definitely nice. She kind of looks like a Japanese Jewel Staite, which maybe explains my weird interest in her. (And no, I don't expect anyone to know who Jewel Staite is. I just don't get why Ben Foster is so (relatively) big and Jewel just disappeared.)

Oh, Happy New Year and stuff.

if you open your mouth
i can't be responsible
for quite what goes in