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2000-02-01 15:39:59

woo who?

Well, we're off to a rollicking start here.

me no speak htmelian.





I guess I should, ah, say something. Or, ah, write something, I should say. Or write, that is.

Once I met a dog named Frederick who claimed to be a Prussian conqueror. But I wasn't prone to believe that. I was supine! ha!

So. Anyway. This is my so-called "diary." Did I use the word "rollicking" earlier? So sorry. I am some guy, somewhere. I'm some kind of college student, I guess. I'm majoring in biochemistry, though of course Travel and Tourism (and more than one of her tasty cohorts, actually) has been softly whispering my name. It keeps me up all night and is getting rather annoying, but it was quite soothing at first. I more or less speak French, and I'm learning Japanese. So if I drop foreign phrases here and there (like "j'ai rendu mon repas!"), please be patient- it makes me feel smart. baka!

Ever notice how "hell, no" and "heavens, no" mean pretty much the same thing, except one is a more "polite society" type thing?

Is it important to be concise? Is concision a word? ... You've got to learn to love the questions themselves, I guess...

I'm a fan of the ellipsis. ...

I must admit feeling a tad, mm, apprehensive about this whole thing. It's just such a commitment. Don't expect me to be updating it every day or anything. Though I probably will at first, just because of the novelty of the thing.

Is it really me, though?

It has begun.

someday they're gonna call me by my stage name,