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2001-01-11 evening

sweet sweet wind

Judas Priest, a new entry! School started again this week, and I find myself unbelieveably busy and ominously tired. I fear if I got a job, everything would fall apart. I'm barely holding it all together as it is.

I'm listening to Enya right now. I like Enya.

Well, I don't like like her! I just like her music!


My mood's been all over the place this week. Normal for the first week of school, I guess.

In bad news, it looks like I won't be going to Japan this spring. If I go, I would have two choices upon returning- either not take any more Japanese classes or take another year to graduate. Neither are acceptable. So, I will make a short term sacrifice for long term benefit. This was a boring paragraph, wasn't it?

I've been doing this diary thing for almost a year now. I might be starting to get tired of it... I don't know. We'll see.

I think a lot of girls suffer from pen envy.

Y'see, I have the ability to flip a pen around my thumb, and I do it constantly (and I have an almost religious reverence for my pens). A lot girls see that, and wish they could do it.

In other news, I saw The Emperor's New Groove twice over Christmas, and I highly recommend it. It's unrelentingly clever.

Also, I watched Björk's video collection twice. That woman has enough charm to drug an elephant. Each video lends itself to a simple description, so I've invented personal titles for most of them. Here's the ones I can remember:

Human Behavior- Björk Takes a Walk in the Woods

Venus as a Boy- Björk Cooks an Egg

Big Time Sensuality- Björk Prances Around on the Back of A Truck

Army of Me- Björk Goes to the Dentist and Picks Up Her Boyfriend at the Museum

Isobel- Björk Makes a Nature Video

It's Oh So Quiet- Björk Visits the Tire Store and Then Leaves

I Miss You- Spumco!

Possibly Maybe- Björk Hangs Around the House

Hyper Ballad- Björk Takes a Nap

Joga- Björk Studies Geology

Bachelorette- Björk Writes the Great American Novel

Hunter- Björk Is Björk

I may have mixed up a few of the videos- I'm not sure.

If I've never mentioned you here, it doesn't mean I don't think about you.

"But why did you hurt her so?"

"Because it was so easy to do."

i can never win
with this body i live in

now it flows by my house,