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2004-01-15 12:04 a.m.

blows against the empire

well i've seen sex and i think it's alright
it makes those little creatures come to life
i can laugh or i can turn away
well i've seen sex and i think it's okay

I hate record stores. They have an unwholesome power over me, always making me spend money I don't have.

In other news, I am the smartest man alive! Earlier this evening, my computer inexplicably crashed. I worked and worked and worked, first tracing the problem to my wireless network card, then to the wireless router, and ultimately to the cable modem... which seemed to have a loose connection. Weird. Whatever, four hours later, everything is right in the world again!

(I've been using a lot more exclamation points lately. I think it's due to some of the company I've been keeping. Weird!)

Seriously, man, determining the source of a mysterious and potentially crippling problem and then solving it is one of the best feelings in the world.

In yet other news, I'm a little worried that I'm on the verge of overdrawing my checking account. eh heh heh. oops.

I had orientation and training for the sub thing on Monday. And I get paid for it!

I'll give you some highlights. First we watched an instructional video called "Preventing Child Sexual Abuse" about how not to have sex with children. Roger that.

We talked about how to clean up puke.

The rest was all like, "Don't show fear! Poker face! POKER FACE!"

Mom's on a new sleep medication. That Ambien stuff. Ten minutes after she took it, she was totally stoned. It was hilarious. She was chowing down on cheetos with her eyes closed and spilling them all over herself. She opened her eyes briefly and said to me, "Oh... My eyes won't focus... Oh, there we go... You only have one nose."

"having too many women is a consequence of letting them choose you instead of you choosing them"



why so greedy?
i'm lonely
heaven sent you to me
we are accidents waiting to happen

i'm a monkey and a flower,