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2007-01-15 1:21 p.m.

satanic visions

Last night I dreamed I was a child (originally I was the age I am now, but everyone kept treating me like a child, so I became one) who held Satan in my thrall. Or rather, Satan and I seemed to have an arrangement set up where I could summon him in suspended animation in a casket of darkened glass and he would do my will. It was like Satan was my pet, almost, though I don't feel like I gave anything in particular in exchange except for being the sweet little boy that I am. A boy and his Satan.

Anyway, I put on a public show to demonstrate to people the cool tricks that Satan could do. I remember when I summoned him, he said something along the lines of "So, what would you like me to do? What I'd really like to do is get involved in international politics [as if he wasn't the mastermind behind current U.S. foreign policy], but it's your call." What I really wanted was to have Satan demonstrate possessing somebody, so I asked for volunteers. No one volunteered. I kept trying, but no luck. No one wanted to be possessed by Satan. It was really frustrating, and in the dream I didn't understand what the big deal was. I didn't see it as any different from being hypnotized.

I have now met both God and Satan in dreams. I have yet to meet Jesus or any other religious figure.

Though I haven't been updating much lately, I still compose entries in my head all the time. I just don't get around to putting them up. I still haven't told you about climbing Mt. Fuji (though I did write a short story inspired by that trek), and now I need to tell you about visiting WTF's parents over New Year's, as well. But not today!

I really like Beck's new album, The Information, by the way. It's like Midnite Vultures and Sea Change had a one-night stand that resulted in a baby, The Information. The child was raised by Midnite Vultures but has far too much of daddy's personality to be as carefree and silly. The Information is filled with spooky-sounding bells, wood blocks, and a variety of other kinds of percussion. In fact, "spooky" is a word that could be easily applied to a lot of it. That's not an ambiance I've ever gotten from Beck before, but I like it a lot. One thing I like about Beck's music, which is a particular hallmark of this album, is that the songs are always in constant flux. There's a base melody going on that repeats itself like a regular pop song, but the peripheral sounds are a constantly changing pastiche. I find it very stimulating to listen to, and I daresay this could be, musically, at least, my favorite Beck album. The lyrics are actually quite good, too, though of course they lack the cohesive, thousand pound emotional weight of Sea Change.

I feel like I should take a vow to stop reading English language books for a few months.

seeing through the shards from a scar that's open,