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2003-01-23 2:40 a.m.

The Leaky Sphincter

I've been commanded to update.


I don't know! It just seems like I haven't had anything to say lately. Or maybe I just haven't known how to say it. Junkostuff is still on my mind a lot.

I think if I ever open a bar, I will call it The Leaky Sphincter. The bartenders will be called barkeeps. Chick barkeeps will be called barmaids whenever we're feeling saucy.

Let's talk about films:

The Hours: After the Golden Globes, I decided to go see what the fuss was about (I haven't seen Chicago yet). It seemed to me to be designed as an Oscar vehicle- an acting and directing showcase- but somewhere between all the dramatic monologues it managed to find something real. 3 stars.

Just Married: Cute. Brittany Murphy's adorable. Ashton Kutcher is funny. But nothing really new here. 2 stars.

A Guy Thing: A great cast who did a great job; the movie itself sucked. It was completely predictable, with the same old jokes that have been swimming laps endlessly in the sitcom pool for decades. If not for my love of Julia Stiles, and my deep and abiding respect for Jason Lee, Selma Blair (I want to see HER be the leading lady and get the guy sometime, man!), and Lochlyn Munro, who all did amazingly well with this crappy script, this movie would get a poor rating indeed. 3 stars.

I've seen two movies in the last week or so where Jake Gyllenhaal has sex with much older married women, and I didn't like either one. He is astonishingly good at portraying disturbed, somewhat loserly young men with a tenuous grasp of reality, though, you know?

This is sad but true: The Lord of the Rings movies are better than the new Star Wars movies. Star Wars seems to have lost its soul in pursuit of special effects. Lord of the Rings has heart and feeling that's just totally absent from the new Star Wars...

Have I told you how much I love the Cartoon Network Adult Swim show, Home Movies? The voices are so soothing, and that kind of subtle humor really pleases me. And of course Brendon, Jason, and Melissa are the kind of kids I'd invite to my birthday party, and then hire to film a reenactment. yay!

Praise be to Sealab 2021 and Aqua Teen Hunger Force, as well.

I finally made nanotubes. Next comes the optimization part.

It's official: Vespertine is my favorite Bjork album.

I was driving back from Vegas on Monday and had a beautiful time listening to music and driving. Driving across Nevada at sunset listening to Sea Change, the light misty blues and pinks of the fading sky were the same color scheme as the album art. It was beautiful. Later, after nightfall, I listened to Tidal with the moon right at the tops of the mountains, bobbing up and down, in and out of sight, as if it was floating on a black sea.

My happiest moments in the past five years have been when I've been driving and listening to music.

If you have any thoughts about how I should go about getting a job in France, let me know.

Oh yes. My mom has cancer.

looking for the people i won't leave behind,