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2001-01-26 five thirty

dream country

If anyone could find a script (or transcript) of the movie Slacker for me, I would be in your debt. I would promise you my first-born child (though I've already promised my first born to quite a few people, so when the little urchin arrives you all are just going to have to work it our among yourselves).

The three volumes of The Sandman I recently ordered came today. I have six now. I'm rapidly falling in love with this series, to the point that I'm tempted to say one of my number one criteria for a potential mate would be an appreciation, even a passionate love, for the series... One of the ones that arrived today is The Dream Hunters. Yoshitaka Amano kicks ass- I love his stuff.

Movie plug of the day- O Brother Where Art Thou. The latest Coen brothers film, it actually makes Depression era Mississippi seem... charming. (Though note that the main character, our hero, is about the only person in the film without that brutal accent.) And it's based on The Odyssey, of all things... Only rated PG-13, so bring the kids.

Some of you watching at home have been wondering, I'm sure.

I think I'll go immerse myself in dreams now.

his madness keeps him sane,