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2001-02-02 4pm

one year anniversary pseudo-extravaganza

Fragments from a 2am conversation with roommates:

"The Nazis gave us lots of things- like the Volkswagen."

"Everytime I look at you [meaning me], I think, 'He's having a good hair day.'"

"My grandma had a bird named Peter. If you wanted him to chirp, you said 'Petie-bird! Petie-bird! Petie-bird!' But he never did."

"I don't like people with smaller dicks than me. That's why I don't have many friends."

I watched "Cannibal! The Musical" last night. It's an old Trey Parker and Matt Stone film. You know the boys. It was obviously made by people who hate musicals as much as I do, and so I enjoyed it a lot. It spoke to issues that are important to me.

So, I've been doing this little diary thing for over a year now. Yesterday was the one year anniversary. To celebrate, you should go through and re-read all of my entries. Then you won't be able to stop yourself from writing me a tearful email telling me how glad you are that I exist and that I write this stuff, because if I didn't, suicide would be the only option. Okay, then.

Should I reminisce? "No, we musn't dwell... Not today! Not on..." Of course, you know what that's from.

Still have not finished reading Leviathan, still have not written essay.

Maybe I should become an investment banker. I've got a quasi-offer, you know.

Walking a couple of miles, wearing shoes but no socks, is a very good way to tear holes in your feet. I've done this to myself many times. I don't know quite why I insist on repeating this experiment...

i'm sure tomorrow i'll find the green door

a cosmic afterthought...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I like cheese.

Apparently most of the world is lactose intolerant. Those of northern European descent are pretty much the only ones who have the enzyme for it as adults.

Apparently the swastika was an ancient Indian symbol of peace before the Nazis coopted it.

In case you were wondering, I'm doing alright.

I think that'll be it for today.

watashi ni wa hoka ni nani mo nai,