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2001-02-09 early evening

she's a killer queen

I get secretly annoyed whenever I think someone is smarter than me. But at the same time, I have trouble understanding when people don't understand math, physics, chemistry, spelling, foreign languages, or whatever as easily as I do. And I have trouble grasping the concept that college isn't for everyone.

So, they're having the local equivalent of student body elections now (the winners of these elections have no real power, but the administration likes to create the illusion that we live in a democratic republic). There's propaganda-crap up all over campus, plus hordes of evil flier distributors who will chase after you on your way to class and encourage you to "vote," preferably for whoever they support. No, I'm not going to vote. I don't care- it makes little difference to me (or to anyone else, whether they realize it or not). And of course, voting implies that you accept the results of the vote, whatever they may be. One of the perils of participating in democracy, I guess... The political missionaries (flier distributors) of one of the candidates are all accompanied by a boom box blasting Michael Jackson songs, of all things. I haven't bothered to look into it, but do they seriously think that kind of noise pollution is going to get them votes? sheeyit.

I watched American History X a couple of nights ago. The next day, the roommate of mine who is prone to making vaguely disturbing comments about black people shaved his head. It was... strange.

I also saw Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon this last week. It's one of the coolest movies I've ever seen. Great music. It actually made me want to learn Mandarin and kung fu. It had something of a video game plot- but that's not a bad thing. It was an excellent video game plot. I wonder if that means it'll be coming out on the Play Station 2 soon? Anyway, it gets the 4/4 star rating from me.

(Have I explained the details of my rating system in here before?)

Tidbits from my genetics class- There are people in this world who have testicles, no ovaries or uterus, but are otherwise female in every way. You'd never know the difference without cutting them open (and maybe the fact that they don't menstruate). It happens when a male is born with a genetic defect such that his/her cell receptors don't respond to testosterone. These people have just as much testosterone pumping through their veins as the average male- it just doesn't do anything. It's also possible to have a fully functional female with an XY chromosome pair, or a fully functional male with an XX pair. Y'see- Wait. The hypothetical reader probably doesn't care to read the details of how this happens. If by chance you do, either ask me or look it up yourself.

My Japanese friend made me a tape of Japanese music. yokatta! My Japanese is starting to take off, by the way... Before long I might start telling people I speak Japanese. But we'll see. I wouldn't presume to say that now...

Anything else? hmm... Don't think so.