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2006-02-13 11:00 a.m.

The Incredible Sulk

Oh, hi. I’ve been in something of a sour mood the last few days, after getting an official rejection notice from one of the graduate programs I applied to. At least one of the others already seems set to do the same. Is it bad that I was cheered to learn that Cheney shot some dude? Some Texas Republican millionaire lawyer dude, on a hunting trip. Accidentally. Or so they say.

In other good news, on Thursday the Hawk pointed out to me that the teachers were unusually at ease and asked me if I knew why. I said it was because the Head Teacher was gone, and it turns out that was the correct answer. He’s been gone for three days now. Lovely.

She seems to despise him at least as much as I do. She’s much better at working the system, though. Me, I don’t even realize when the system needs to be worked and when I can just openly do what I want. She did leave me in an awkward position not long ago when she had the third years play volleyball instead of studying English and left me in charge of them while she went home for most of class, but oh well. It was fine. (She did tell the Head Teacher she was leaving, but I don’t think he knew about the volleyball.) She’s also one of that interesting breed of people who don’t like movies like Star Wars because they’re “unrealistic” but believe that Buddhist priests have psychic powers to find missing people.

Ah, damn. He just came back.

Hey, have I told you that we are totally fucked? Oh, I have? Sorry.

Here’s a good article on the whole Mohammed cartoon thing. At first I brushed off the whole thing, thinking it would be nice for Europe to bear a little more of the Islamic wrath burden for a while, but… It’s worried me now. There are just too many people on both sides who want an all out war between cultures, a clash of faiths. That’s really not going to help. More of my thoughts on this later, perhaps.

Interesting article on Bush administration spin.

Last week it seems I had a lot I was going to say, but I don’t remember what.

I think I’m really not in a nice mood today, actually. Playing Final Fantasy all weekend didn't improve my mood much, either. Damn. That was my ace in the hole.

The skills of my little English conversation students have been progressing nicely, though. They can have short conversations with fully grammatical sentences now. They can use present participles, and they’re starting to get the hang of the different personal pronouns and how verbs are conjugated with them. We’ve made some successful inroads into past tense, as well. The little ones’ pronunciation is getting really good. It’s a strange feeling to listen to them speaking English, knowing that I taught them virtually everything they know…

I’m Whiny McWhinypants in my head today. I would like to vent, but it’s so childish. I hate being rejected. It always feels like some cosmic mistake has been made.

“Your overconfidence is your weakness.” Oh really, Luke? Well, you have a stupid haircut.

I think we’re done here.

a poster boy with no poster,


P.S. Did you know they cut down the oldest tree in the world?