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2005-02-16 6:16 p.m.

it looks a lot like honey

Ah, yes. Lessee.

As of yet, no official response from Kami (though she did tell me that she would, in fact, respond). I'm getting to think I'm not going to get an official response. I'm getting to think I'm okay with that.

Also, I pissed off Nemesis again. I am amazingly good at that. Though she's traditionally been quite happy to return the favor.

It was Valentine's Day. So. Read this!

I watched Starsky and Hutch. I actually had high hopes for it, but I was not impressed. I've come to expect more from these people, and they just didn't deliver. 2 stars

I also watched Cold Mountain. I really liked it. I'd never really been given a real taste of just how cataclysmic the Civil War really was, especially for the South. Statistics and lists of the dates and locations of battles just don't quite bring it home, you know? Makes me wonder what my ancestors were doing then... I think I had ancestors on both sides... 4 stars

I've been thinking about my music geekdom lately. Because I've realized that in some ways I'm not really very hardcore. But I'd sum it up like this- I love music more than anything. Sometimes it's all that makes it worthwhile for me. When I think about or examine my own feelings, it's almost always in musical terms. Playing music gives me more joy than just about anything else, and I love it. Almost all of the happiest moments in my life have featured music. However, I'm much more interested in music than I am in musicians, which means I'm generally not as interested in autographs and meeting the artists and knowing everything about that band as some people are. I'm not even that interested in live shows since the crowd usually sucks and so often they just don't sound as good live, anyway. Also, my appetite for what's new isn't nearly as voracious as many of the people I know; I don't read music journalism all that much and I generally rely on my friends for recommendations.

Hmm. For a long time I'd been meaning to discuss certain aspects of my musical education in here, particularly in regards to reading music versus playing by ear and improvising, and this would seem like a good opportunity to move into that, but... Nah. Later.

Oh... A girl came and spent the weekend with me. An American. Let's call her... Shi-chan. It has been officially decided that there will be no romance between us in the near future, though. And I think we're both happy with that decision. The thing is... I like her a lot. She certainly has her foibles, but all in all she's really got it together. I have a vague feeling that even if our relationship stays platonic, it will grow to be one of my dearest treaures. So, that would be nice. We'll see how it goes.

I have a sudden urge to cut off all of my hair and then glue it all back on.

Which means... I gotta go now.

the men don't know but the little girls understand,