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2005-02-21 9:44 a.m.

i snap out of it post script

A few miscellaneous notes on the last entry.

When I watched Neverland, one of the previews was for the American version of Shall We Dance? (With a cover of Magnetic Fields' "Book of Love" playing in the background. Weird.) That just blows my mind, man. Sarah Michelle Gellar's Juon is currently in theatres here, as well. Weird. Reminds me of a quote from Generation X: “Marketing is essentially about feeding the poop back to diners fast enough to make them think they’re still getting real food.”

One quote from the letter I wrote her: "I'm not like all of the other boys that you used to know. You said I was a good man, and you said that most men aren't. You said you liked me because I was different, but sometimes I feel that, despite what you say, what you really want is more of the same."

Recent experiences, as well as Jonathan Carroll's 10.13 blog entry (scroll down), have got me thinking about the process of growing older. It seems that so many people allow the bad experiences to make them unnecessarily timid and allow the good experiences to make them too set in their ways. In some ways I can already see this happening with myself. I hope I can manage to retain my flexibility and adventurous spirit as I grow older and to learn the right lessons from my experiences and leave behind the wrong ones.

it takes courage to enjoy it,