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2001-02-24 2am

ravings IX

if there was a difference, we certainly would have found it by now. so go run along and play with the other vermin, before we have you exterminated. countdown to extinction. i wanna be immortal when i grow up. only those who earn their names..... hello. what's your name? do you like me? thunk thunk thunk thunk thunk thunk thunk whack well, it's all uphill from here. but a downhill battle. sledding was fun. we used to hack the black weeds with cylinders of light. we were blazers, yes we were. yes. ouais. uncle johnny, ya want me ta tote this here perjecter over yonder? ; P i was born so beautiful. hey, just you wait. the tearing of wings hasn't stopped yet. plucking of feathers. fez. marakesh. rabat. cairo. one of these things is not like the others. moving along at a good clip. expensive book, huh? i once thought about that. nevermore. i like spackle and dirt. why, if i had me a nice plate of spackle and dirt for breakfast every morning, why, i'd be a happy boy. but alas, even this is denied me. dirt alone i have for my supper. spackle is much too rare in this godforsaken wasteland! you can't have dirt without spackle! can you have gin without rummY? NO! hey hey, ho ho, my lack of spackle has got to go! (repeat indefinitely, until the right to spackle is restored to the proletariat) we can't all, and some of us won't. eye or eye wait. eye hesitate eye am. is it any wonder i can't sleep? o m y ami-chan? esutaa. lost in the wilderness of your love, avatar.