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2000-02-25 21:06:35


Well, it's been awhile. I'm sure my devoted readers (who number less than 5, as far as I know) have been thirsting, hungering, even lusting for more of my wisdom. And at last the silence of the heavens has ended.

Things have gotten crunchy lately. Odd how reality always catches up eventually, isn't it?

tiny purple fishes
run laughing through your fingers
and you want to take her with you
to the heartland of the winter

I've been getting into oranges lately. Usually I don't like food which requires me to get funky with those opposable thumbs, but there's just something therapeutic about tearing the hide off such a perfectly sized sphere and then consuming the sweetness beneath. I don't normally like the color orange, either, but I like the color of oranges themselves.

I like Triscuits a lot, too. If you read the nutrition information on the back, the only really significant RDA percentage is fiber. Which means those things go in the in-door and then head straight through your system without a backwards glance. If it's nutrition you're after, you might as well eat cardboard. Some people might say the taste of triscuits is very much like cardboard, as well. But I like them. They've got a nice "subsistence food" ambiance to them.

word of the day: fiasco

"class i would not have taken if i knew then what i know now" award- French 322

band of the hour: cream

excuse me while i tend to how i feel,


le petit


le silent

le beau

le caillou