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2000-02-27 13:39:26

kaze no tani no naushika OR a bright point in a life of grey

Something happened last night to make this whole weekend worthwhile. You see, there was this animated movie I saw a couple times on TV as a kid that I thought was really cool. It had these huge potato-bug like things whose eyes were blue when they were docile and red when they were angry, and there was this really cool girl as the main character. Over the years I would remember it and think, "Yeah, that was cool. I wish I could see that again." But I never knew the name. As I watched more Japanese animé, I began to think that maybe that movie was animé. I thought about maybe going to some animé newsgroup and asking if anyone knew what it was, but I never did. And last night, I was watching raw animé (meaning straight Japanese without subtitles- currently I can catch about one word in twenty) with some friends, and one of the movies they put in was this dearly loved masterpiece from my childhood! I was so happy! It`s called "kaze no tani no naushika" or "Naushika of the Valley of Wind." And man, it was really good. The whole way through it was like, "Oh yeah, I remember this part! It was cool!" (And looking at it now, Princess Mononoke has a very similar theme...) It's often the oddest things that make me so happy. (oh! joy!) Anyway. I'm sure no one really cares about this but me, and it's probably a waste of space to post this here, but really, this is the best thing to happen to me since last semester's organic chemistry final. It might even be better than that. I know, I know, you're thinking, "What could possibly be better than an organic chemistry final?" But this just might be.

And once again I demonstrate what a pathetic loser I am.

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