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2003-02-27 2:48 a.m.

smart spiders and princess corpses

I almost wrote an entry once. But then it was mysteriously consumed by the lost souls of the cyberether, and I despair of ever seeing it again.

I went and saw monster trucks. It was cool. A piece of Americana.

"Well, well. If this doesn't count as a square on life's bingo board, I don't know what does."

I'm having my goth movie night this Friday. Wish you could come.

I've been reading a lot lately. I've suddenly become obsessed with learning all I can about the history of everywhere. I want to understand how we got where we are today. Perhaps it will help me understand where we're going. I want to understand life as experienced by others.

"We learn of history that we haven't learned anything of history."

Perhaps I'll write a story about a very smart spider that makes beautiful webs, like fine glass, and occasionally crawls into the cockpit of a human body in order to pass for a member of homo sapiens.

Don't think I won't do it.

They say one of the evidences that humans originated in sub-Saharan Africa is that the black African tribes have more genetic diversity than the rest of the human world combined. It makes me wonder why they all have dark skin and everyone else has relatively light skin. Is the whole rest of the world descended from one group of light-skinned Africans who left Africa back in the day? When and how and why exactly did the different human races come into being? None of the stuff I've read on human origins really cares to go into much detail about this. Perhaps they don't know. Perhaps I've been reading the wrong stuff.

"The romantic comedy is dead. Nick Nolte and Julia Roberts KILLED IT!"

Maybe I'll write a story about a prince who is the only witness, despite the presence of an entire funeral procession, to the consumption of his beloved's corpse by an octopodal creature living in the castle pool. Everyone thinks he's gone mad with grief, but he knows the truth and still sees tentacles fluttering up to the surface whenever he gazes too long at the water.

Don't steal my ideas, now.

When it comes down to it, I love America. I want America to be great. But it pains me to see our leadership working so hard to alienate us from the rest of the world, and generally doing things that disturb me. We were stupid enough to elect the guy. I hope we're smart enough not to give him another 4 year tour.

Canadians have it good. They have most of the advantages of being American without the stigma of actually being American. They'd like to think they're quite different from us, but compared to everyone else in the world they're practically identical.

You can bet they have monster truck rallies in Canada.

oh canada, we stand on guard for thee...

When I retire, perhaps I'll summer outside of Calgary. Maybe I'll winter there, too, if I'm up to it.

like the glow of red roses in the spring,