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2000-03-03 15:05:53

ravings III

where words flow like thoughts of you in white backgrounds and black words redolent with glistening angel aprons shifting heedlessly within but without hope or consolation perhaps we will meet glandular apocryphal have fun in your headless meetings without the blessing of those who came or didn't forget life is one remember never is a promise? who could there are those whose last wishes involves a simple fruitcake. with onions on the side but no more blood or limp biscuits please. and nevermind if things didn't slope. the Never Mind is watching along with... me. who would have known or expected all that has shown itself within the watery confines of mcdonalds styrofoam? cancer and tumors may or may not deserve the right to vote. what is life? is it all just waves washing blue beaches and sandy skies where the fish swim with no thought of the present or future. printers. imprimantes. you know and i know that they didn't evolve from superhamster feats of ground whirlpools. Just. oh. yes, i thought they might want clips with their road kill, so i brought some barbed wire for fun. what is calif job steve s titration the middle class must go! speakers don't necessarily have minds of their own, and minds may not have voices. so shut the hell up.

for once