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2000-03-07 02:23:56

insomniated ramblings (if only tonight we could sleep)

Well, it's 2:30am, and I can't sleep. Shoulda taken some melatonin, man. My roommate always zonks right out. In some ways I kind of envy that, but insomnia is romantic and artistic, isn't it? Except when I can't get my butt out of bed to get to class in the morning... Mornings are definitely not romantic.

Apparently I offended a Chinese girl this evening by saying that I chose to learn Japanese over Chinese because Japan has a much larger cultural influence on the United States than China does. Too bad sweetie- it sure as hell wasn't a Chinese cartoon that was the only reason I got out of bed at all for several months. This same girl will also get really pissed if you even hint that Taiwan should not be part of the People's Republic.

Let's write a story.

The day before yesterday, in a lawn in a lot on the block before this one, there lived an earthworm. He was a real go-getter, this earthworm. He got up every morning at 5am to read the Worm Bible and pray to the Worm God. But one morning he got eaten by a bird. The trashcan waiting on the side of the road, if it could think, would have found this very ironic, believe you me. But as it was, the trashcan couldn't think. Or at least, it didn't tell anyone what it was thinking, if it was thinking something. And if you're not going to tell someone what you're thinking, you must not be thinking. See the logic? THE END

If some dead famous guy had written that, it would be labelled an allegory and you would have to find the underlying meaning of it in literature classes. But, I'm neither dead nor famous, so you won't have to. (Thank God for small mercies, huh?)

See, it's symbolic of the author's inner turmoil and conflict, etc. It delves into the nature of man's relationship with God and the nature and definition of existence. It's all very deep and profound, really. Philosophical and crap.

I hate tomorrow already. Though today is tomorrow. sigh...

You know, nothing describes my insecurities when it comes to girls like certain songs from Weezer's Pinkerton album. But I'm sure tired of that topic, aren't you?

You know, more people speak Mandarin than any other language in the world. But they sure don't play a big part in the modern world, do they? That reminds me of a good quote from Snow Crash.

"In the real world- planet Earth, Reality- there are somewhere between 6 and 10 billion people. At any given time, most of them are making mud bricks or field stripping their AK-47s."

Weeelll. I'm shore in tha mood ta be starin' at tha ceelin' raht abowt nah, so's I's a gonna take my leave of you.

lord only knows it's getting late,

pierre le

PS- French is a great language for muttering... bande de salopards btes... je vais leur dire quelquechose, oui... ils verront ce qu'ils ne voulaient pas voir avant, parce que il n'y aura aucune autre choix. les ananas vont me soutenir, vous pouvez compter sur a...