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2000-03-09 23:44:14

sunfall festival

So, you know what- I like Tom Petty. I don't know what it is- I couldn't come up with anything specific that makes his music great. It's pretty straightforward stuff, but it's really good stuff, man. anyway.

i think it's fun
when you don't respond at all

Okay. Let's come up with something to write about. You ever have one of those days where you can't do algebra? I had one of those the other day. Spent two hours on a physics problem. One problem. I don't know what the problem was, but I kept getting the same wrong answer every time. This was O chem test day as well, which didn't bode well. I went home and slept.

That was interesting, huh?

I have to compete in another ballroom dance competition tomorrow. The US Dancesport Competition. In the quickstep, no less. Joy of joys.

I was talking to one of my friends at karate tonight, and he said one of his friends started a Fight Club here, like in the movie. Had 60 people show up last Monday to beat the crap out of each other. Keep in mind that this area is 90% Mormon. Pretty wild... Maybe I should go give it a try...

Speaking of karate... Something special is coming up soon. Some of the top people in the style are flying in from England to teach us the week after next. 5th degree black belts and crap. 5th dan is the highest you can get in our particular style of karate. These people are amazing- they can mess you up, seriously. Apparently you can expect to pay thousands of dollars for a similar experience elsewhere- it's costing us $20 each. It'll be Saturday to Saturday, with two two hour sessions on each Saturday and three hours a night each weekday in between. It's gonna be cool.

Quick note- why we don't really do sparring in karate do shotokai. Our two main tenets are "If you don't get touched, you don't get hurt" and "If you touch your opponent, make sure they go down." This second one is why sparring really isn't all that practical for us. Our training consists on learning how to get the most power out of a punch or a kick, in order to totally take someone out. Sparring is either a complete waste of time as far as pursuing our goals is concerned or else it ends in someone being seriously injured. We do do some forms of sparring, but generally without actual contact. An actual shotokai sparring match between two people who know what they're doing would look like this: the two move back in forth for a while not looking like they're doing much- then someone will attack, then someone will be on the ground (or at the very least, in quite a bit of pain) and it's over. So.

I should go to bed.

Don't go to sleep with gum in your mouth. Not to say that I ever even chew gum... It's a disgusting habit. Especially when they chew all loud and slurp their spit while they're doing it and make those phone stalker-like mouth breathing sounds the whole time. And they're sitting behind you with their feet on the back of your desk rapidly bouncing their knees up and down, and the kind, loving part of your soul is thankful you don't have a gun. So. Don't go to sleep with gum in your mouth. Thank you.

Yeah, you heard me right, mouth breather.

It's pretty rare that I actually use a highlighter.


you know i've got a chocolate gun
i'm gonna have some fun
gonna shoot it off all night
you know it's gonna taste right

don't forget that i meant to win,