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2007-03-09 1:48 a.m.

lips parting like a banner unfurled

I just had another phone interview, this time with the university that, of all the places I'm applying, probably has the most fortuitous combination of "likely to accept me" and "I'd actually like to go there." And I think this one actually went well. Listening to myself talk, I thought, "Hey, I sound pretty smart!" as opposed to last time, where the thought process was more along the lines of "Hey, I sound like a mentally challenged person who should never have bothered to apply!"

Aside: I hereby instate "mentally challenged" as the new "retarded." But what shall we institute as the new "mentally challenged," then? My vote is for "retarded."

Oh, by the way, this bee-el-oh-ji celebrated its seventh birthday just over a month ago. Seven years. That's older than some humans I know. Go read old entries!

it's a perfect day to lock yourself inside,