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2000-03-11 00:24:36

ravings IV

maybe we should write a letter to the avatars of fashion who have been so kind to grace us with their balloons or maybe not. at least I'm not a left wing feather. right. ah times new roman how i have longed for thee you want it all but you can't have it sometimes i wish i was green or red but never alpha magic tragic losses and help those who can sometimes fly but they have belly buttons full venom spat at passersby GNU guanine adenine thymine 9uracil0 cytosine the plot thickens every day what ever shall i kill those who never thought of orange before it was thrust upon them like so many paper clips of silver yet rusted. serpent of chaos and serpent of order twist about and bite tree sap. never. if by when. Soldat. like when a rag gets wet. ça suffit, ma biche. tu dois t'arrêter tout de suite. what an inheritance. draw a picture with your inflamed words or i just may try to live a life of whipped cream. friends find that flies don't make such good room mates when one is not the proper mode of the cell cycle. like when a rag gets wet. you haven't. i sometimes where i could find someone who likes dirt as much as i do. you have no idea where they went. and sometimes i get the feeling that you don't want to with all your little bothersome glib stylistic faiths and memories of times to come. you don't know as much as you think you know, kid. happy to be here but happier to be there elsewhere iguanas may not want to be in pictures you silly twit. forget all you licked up from the ground of hamburgers [do you like hamburgers? if so, you may be] within the confines of sleepy almost dead things. i'm easy like sunday morning that's why. know. now you. know.

she ain't no good for you. everlast. interesting. inside the zephyr melon. don't. alright if you vole. jest... what are those things called?