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2003-03-17 10:54 a.m.

is it the world that's going bonkers, or is it me?

I love how we're attacking Iraq for defying the U.N., all in defiance of the U.N.

Didja notice? Iraq- trying to get nuclear weapons, gets invaded. North Korea- HAS nuclear weapons, gets diplomacy. What kind of message are we sending, here?


Another reason why Bush sucks. Seriously, he must be one of the worst presidents ever. If Bush gets re-elected, I may just have to lose all faith in American democracy.

I like this guy's ideas. He seems to think the same way I do about this stuff, except he's done it much more thoroughly. Cause that's his job and all... Anyway, it seems obvious to me that this is what must be done. But... it probably involves too many short-term sacrifices for people in power in this country, and thus it'll never happen, and the whole world is going to hell and nothing will be done about it.

In another news, I found a charming new anime called Excel Saga. Perhaps "charming" isn't the right word. Frenetic? Batshit insane? Whatever- it's a keeper. The main character is voiced by the same chick who did Sailor Moon, and she brings that same frenzied energy to Excel Saga, except turned up to 11. (You didn't know these ones go up to 11, did you?)

Anyway, thanks for listening to me on my soapbox.

kind of lonely, kind of sick,