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2007-03-20 12:19 a.m.

buddhist prophecy

Well, I got accepted to the grad program whose interview was discussed last time. So it looks like I'm going to back to school this fall to get a PhD.

I still haven't heard back from most of the programs I applied to, though. I suppose that's a good sign. Last year I had most of my rejections in hand by mid February.

I spent the night before last in a Buddhist temple deep in the mountains (Mt. Koya, to be exact). I dreamed that I got accepted to my top two grad school choices. So now we can test whether Buddhism-induced dreams are reliable prophecies or not. If I do get accepted to those schools, I suppose I'll have to become a Shingon Buddhist, too…

Mt. Koya also had the coolest cemetery complex I've ever been to. It beats out Montparnasse and Père Lachaise in Paris, hands down.

Oh, I got my first dan in iaido, as well. Eight years after starting karate, and I'm still first kyu (brown belt). Four months after starting iaido… First dan. While I do enjoy iaido, I must admit that it does seem a little shallow to me.

the face in your dreams of glass,