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2000-03-26 02:45:49

high horse

Hey- I don't have to validate my masculinity to you. Just so you know.

I've just come from pacing my kitchen in the dark. I sometimes surprise my roommates in the middle of the night when they come into the kitchen/living room area and turn on the lights and see me sitting there. I guess they don't understand what would possess me to hang out in the kitchen, in the dark, in the middle of the night. Sometimes I eat things. Sometimes I even practice kata in the dark. I like being in the dark. Light isn't always that great. I'm sure I'd miss it if it wasn't there anymore, but there are times when I prefer it's absence. When I was a kid, I was afraid of things lurking in the dark. Since then I've come to think of myself as the thing lurking in the dark. Darkness makes me feel safe, hidden, protected...

i'm waiting for the night to fall
i know that it will save us all
there in the still
all that you feel
is tranquility

Here's a tip- If you're ever up in the middle of the night, and you have to turn on a light for some reason but want to retain your night vision, here's what you do- close one eye before you turn the light on, and keep it closed as long as the light is on. Then when you turn it off again, the eye that was closed retains its night vision. It works! Yup. More simple techniques for practical living from your eternally vigilant fount of wisdom, greyarea.

I went to see one of my favorite local bands tonight. Sunfall Festival. Not that I'm really up on the local band scene, but I just happen to have stumbled upon these guys, and they are really good. Really well crafted, beautifully executed songs, with excellent vocals. Good lyrics, too. Apparently they've been approached by some pretty big record labels... So remember- after they make it big, you heard about it here, first. I even talked to the lead singer, Amy, after the show. I was like, "Hey, good show!" and she was like, "Hey, thanks!" and I was like, whoa, cool, and then I like, had to go, so I like, left, and stuff. whoa. yeah. it was cool. (emilio!)

The band that played after Sunfall Festival was called Govinda. They were good. I guess they're on some national tour of holes like the place they played tonight. They played near eastern/gypsy/electronic type music. I liked it a lot like cool whip. It was a great show.

Music is really what makes my life worth living.

Smashing Pumpkins will evidently be playing around here sometime in May. I will definitely be there. I've actually never been to a full scale concert before... Unless you count the time I went to the Warped Tour in Seattle. That was... interesting... Yes, I've led a sheltered existence, it's true. Washed up hair bands are the only acts my hometown ever sees. (Washed up hair bands? What, did they started using shampoo or something? uhh...) Anyway, Megadeth played my hometown this year, Great White came through a couple years ago, and I think Motley Cre came through last year. Woohoo! Get out the beer and body odor- we're rockin' the trailer park tonight!

It's always unfortunate when I have to explain to some philistine that, no, Motley Cre, Poison, Skid Row, Great White, Winger, etc. are NOT cool. The 80s were kind of a cesspool as far quality rock music goes... Though I have to admit the guitar playing was pretty good. It just didn't have any artistic value. Soul-less, gaudy, crude, meaningless music. Yes, I'm a son of Cobain. But The Cure is good, of course. B-52s are cool, too. And I like 80s new-wave music, in general. The 80s was a good time for dance music, IMHO.

I actually kind of like Megadeth. Some of their older stuff is really fun. I think they've recently been trying to go alternative or something (like Soundgarden, ya know), but it just isn't working.

hmm. I've been listening to Van Halen's first album a lot the past few days. Go figure...

It's starting to get warm. That means spring is here and winter semester is almost over. It's been one of those years where it went by very quickly and yet I sometimes wondered if it would ever end. I still am wondering that, I guess. I can hardly even remember the last three months... Only two more years in this place- they can't be any longer than the last two years, right?

music is your only friend,