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2000-03-28 22:53:54

hello kitty kat

It's amazing what a poor job I do of making effective use of my time. In the last two days I've been to two (2) of my classes. Wait. Three (3). So why do they bother putting numbers (#s) in parentheses after the word for the number in legal documents and such? It'd be my bet that if don't understand that five = 5, you aren't going understand much else in the document, either.

Why can't I sleep at night? Why can't I get up in the morning? I've always had trouble getting up in the morning, but this semester has been insane.

ain't nothing wrong
ain't nothing right
and still i sit and lie awake all night

Quote of the day: "If after this examination, people remain in Mormonism, they will not have even the slightest grounds to complain about their eternal fate in hell. They will have to admit that their eternal punishment in hell is completely fair and just." -Mark Hines

There's nothing like Christian love and tolerance, I'll tell you what. Doesn't that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy? Floating around in the land of cuddly teddy bears and pink ponies? You can really see love of Jesus Christ shining in the words of that humble man.

(Hey... seems this Mark Hines guy is the "Internet Editor" for ORTK... Let the truth be free, brotha.)

Anyway... Interesting thing happened to me today. At least, I thought it was interesting. It's about 10 o'clock, and I'm in the parking lot of the grocery store getting ready to get in my car and leave (I only spent $10 this week- woohoo!). And this Asian girl comes up to me, and very softly asks me for a ride home. She lives about five miles in the opposite direction from my home, but I figure what the heck- better she get a ride from me than some psycho, right? Turns out she's from Japan, and is attending a local junior college's english as a second language program. She obviously wasn't too confident with her English, and so she talked very softly, which made it even harder to understand her. Anyway... Hey- gimme a break, I thought it was interesting. Normally in the states young nubile females don't ask random males in grocery store parking lots for rides home at 10pm. Stuff like dat don't jes heppen to me ever' day, ya know. It's an event!

Today's new vocabulary word: ithyphallic

Should I stay in school for spring and summer terms? Should I go to China next year? Should I go to class tomorrow? Are my feet normal? What is Death's favorite board game? Is spending ten hours a day playing a computer game "unhealthy behavior?" What percentage of the population has a last name starting with Y? If I threw my guitar out the window, would I start to regret it, or would I smile and watch it slowly fall? Do Asians think all Europeans look the same? How useful is French, really? If I had three thumbs, would you still love me? Why does she expect me to bear my soul her? If the world was black and white, what would be red all over? Why aren't there any 7 string guitars? Why do violins get all the chicks? Why does rap suck? Who do you love? Do you ever wish the sky was green? Where's the bagels, man? Are diary entries expected to be coherent?

running through fields of obsidian,