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2000-04-06 01:19:45

furan, pyran, pyridine, and pyrrhole

You know, I was working out a tentative class schedule for the next two years, and it seems that starting next year, around Winter semester especially, biochemistry will become my life. And if I stay on the general track I'm on right now, it'll probably stay that way for many, many years. So- if anyone wants special treatment when I use my army of mutants to take over the world, you need to let me know now, alright?

when i am king
you will be first against the wall

I had a physics test yesterday and an organic chemistry test today. I haven't gotten the results back yet, but I feel really good about them. I really think I did a good job on these two. Plus monstre gave me one of the best compliments I've ever received in my life on my diary today. So I'm feeling pretty good just now.

I was talking to my friend Elodie today. She's French. She gave me a prophecy. She said that one day, a girl will be trying to decide between me and another guy. And because I speak French, she'll pick me. And I had just been wondering what edge I could possibly have in such a situation... But now I'm confident that She will pick Me over Him. That's good.

Hey. That makes it official. If une franšaise says I speak French, I must speak French.

Hey- I speak French!

kedo... boku no nihongo wa dame desu nee...

I think I must be on some three month cycle with my general mood and motivation... Interesting. Well... actually, it's not very interesting, is it?

Is it really a good thing to be "pimp?"

let's meet and have a baby,