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2001-04-06 6:12 p.m.

deceits of lapwings, exaltations of larks, and ostentations of peacocks

I had my first film acting experience this week. A friend of mine was making a short 8mm film about suicide (a laughably generic topic for a student film, I know) for a film class. I played the part of homosexual Mormon boy who commits suicide (it ain't easy to be Mormon and gay). I didn't have to do anything overtly homosexual, but I never realized before just how much I'm not gay...

You ever see a bunch of hawks flying around and wondered what to call them? How about coots? Plovers? Everyone knows a gaggle of geese, but what to call a bunch of larks, dotterel, turtledoves, herons, or snipe? Isn't frustrating when your ability to speak is castrated by your pathetic vocabulay? Worry no more. ; >

I will spend 7 of the next 24 hours practicing karate.

I've felt strangely happy at some points in the day today. When you can truly live in the present for a little while, it's really nice.

I have so many crazy plans for the future. They tend to change every six months or so... One of these summers I want to take off to France with just what I can carry in a backpack and spend a month or two touring cathedrals and castles, riding the Eurorail, staying in hostels. I'll tack on a few weeks in Morocco beforehand and a few weeks in Britain afterwards... Who wants to join me on my road to nowhere?

be wary of the unkindness of ravens,