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2000-04-09 22:22:40

mr. mastodon farm

Amino Acid of the Day: tryptophan

birds fall from the window ledge above mine
then they flap their wings at the last second
i can see their dead weight
just dropping like stones or small loaves of bread
past my window all the time
but unless i get up
and walk across the room
and peer down below
i don't see their last second curves toward a horizontal flight
all these birds just falling from the ledge like stones
now due to a construct in my mind
that makes their falling and their flight
symbolic of my entire existence
it becomes important to me
to get up and see
their last second curves toward flight
it's almost as if my life will fall unless i see their ascent

I've been paying attention to eyes more often recently. Two years ago, if you'd asked me what the first thing I notice about a girl is, I probably would have said "eyes." But now that's actually true. In some cases. Periodically throughout the day I'll see a girl and think, "Wow- great eyes." Eyes are cool. They're so different from the rest of the body. They're jewels set in a mound of flesh. If I was to get a tattoo, it'd probably be an eye.

I'm really tired tonight. I'm not feeling that great. And I don't know why. My head feels a little scattered.

I need to find a place to live. Soon.

due to a construct in my mind,