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2001-04-17 3:12 p.m.

what it feels like

I saw Sunfall Festival perform again last night. It was wonderful. I just sat there the whole time with a stupid grin on my face (except during those plaintively poingnant numbers, which are so exceptionally intimate and sincere). Sunfall Festival is one of the best bands anywhere, and everyone should go buy their new album, Monday 23. I'm serious. Buy it. If you don't buy it... then... then... WE'RE NOT FRIENDS ANYMORE!!!!

Aw, baby, I'm sorry... I- I didn't mean to yell at you like that... Sometimes I just get scared, that's all, and I say things I don't mean... Aw, c'mon- I LUV YOU BABY!

Anyway, Amy turns 23 this coming Monday the 23rd. (After the show, as I was leaving, I said to her, I was like, "That was really great!" and she was like, "Thanks a lot!" and it was like, cool. uh huh huh huh. yeah.)

So, anyway, my copy of Monday 23 arrived yesterday, and it's great. I was in such a wonderful mood after listening to it that I thought nothing could ruin it. My History of Civilization class managed it, though. I get to class planning to take a final, and some numbskulls manage to convince the professor that instead of a normal final, we should get into groups a prepare presentations on plans for a Utopia. We've spent the last year reading about 2000 years of failed attempts at the perfect form of government, and now we're supposed to come up with the solution in an hour? One guy kind of took over control of our group, and our presentation was, in my opinion, a vague incoherent mess. I was forcefully reminded of why I hate group work so much. (greyarea is so bright and creative, but he needs to work on his cooperation skills) But, whatever, man. I'm pretty easygoing when it comes to stuff like this... I'm not angry about it. And going to see Sunfall Festival live totally restored my good mood.

When you're watching teenybopper high school flicks, do you ever think, "What? Did I miss something? I don't remember this! Where the hell was I when this was going on?"

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and it feels like summer,