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2001-04-23 6:31 p.m.

Monday 23

Biochem final was today. I think I would have done extremely well if I had been thinking clearly. In hindsight I had some pretty pathetic mental misdialings, but I think I did okay, anyway... We'll see. Two finals left. It's all downhill from here. Biochem was the big one.

Yesterday's comments on my ideal female notwithstanding, I still seem to get a stupid little crush on half of the X chromosome pairs that come through our door. It's pretty damn annoying.

My internet access may be very limited for the next couple of weeks or so...

I met a girl last night with a head shaped like a giant egg turned sideways and plopped on top of a neck. She's a real sweetheart, though, as far as Anglos with Hawaiian names go.

Obscure band plug o' the day (don't expect too many more of these- my knowledge of pop apocrypha is limited): Tenacious D. Jack Black's two man band. They are cool. They are funny. They don't have anything like a recording contract as far as I know (apparently, "TD doesn't bow to the recording industry, the recording industry bows to them."), but you can get their songs off Napster. Try "Sasquatch" on for size.

The first half of this biochemistry test today was multiple choice. And I got B for 5 out of the first 6 answers. Doesn't that freak you out when it's the same one over and over? Do you know what the odds are of having the same letter (of A through E) five times in a row, assuming the letter of the answer is random? Well, I'll tell you. 1 in 3125. Doesn't that freak you out? Did I just acquire a subconscious and undoubtedly unhealthy obsession with the letter B, or my did my professor? Or is it really just a cosmic coincidence on par with a million monkeys pounding out the works of Shakespeare on typewriters (or 2 liters of gas spontaneously compressing to 1, for the thermodynamic fanatic)?


I expect to be struck by lightning and/or attacked by a shark at any moment.

Well... hmm. On with the future. I think I'll go dig around for the last my food supplies now.

living in the faraway,


P.S. Today is Amy Greetham's birthday. So, if you haven't yet, buy Monday 23!