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2000-04-24 21:59:46

thoughts on San Diego

Well, I'm back. Kind of. I'm using my roommate's computer- I haven't got an ISP or whatever set up here yet, so I can't access the internet from my own computer at the moment. It's horrible. Soon, though. Soon.

As far as I know, spring classes start tomorrow. It should be interesting.

San Diego was alright. My uncle made a tape of surf rock (Los Straitjackets, to be exact) and world music for me. It's pretty good. I talked to my cousin Hanmi, who I haven't seen for a few years. She's thirteen now. Pretty wild. Anyway, she's more of an otaku than I am. Though really, by otaku standards, I'm pretty tame. She's a cool girl. She doesn't like her name, though. At school she goes by Samantha. If I was to give my kid a cool name like Hanmi, I'd be a little disappointed if she started going by Samantha. Dare to be different, coz!

I've been in an unusually optimistic mood the last few days. I think it was the break in the monotony and the realization that the year from hell is finally over. I had a few twinges of discontent today, but I've been doing my best to supress them, because I really don't want to deal with that right now. Stupid feelings!

So, I spent a day in Mexico last week. Mostly in Ensenada. It was like a Bizarro World version of California, or something. (uhh... yeah.) Shop after shop filled with worthless trinkets and stupid T shirts. This whole town exists only to try and sell crap to tourists from the United States (and Japan, evidently- some of the names of buildings were written in katakana, and a lot of places flew the US and Japanese flags along with the Mexican one). I can't speak for all of Mexico, but the Tijuana area is pretty sad- it's like a leach sucking the underside of the United States. I've never been harassed by half-dead looking street vendors like that before, and I've never seen poverty like that before. It was kind of an eye opener. I mean, living in my posh little pad, I theoretically know there are dirt poor people all over the world, but it doesn't really become real to you until you see it... It reminded me how lucky I am, I guess. Remind me not to be a miser in the event I start earning a lot of money someday.

Last Wednesday I drove 700 miles. That's the furthest I've ever driven by myself. It was fun.

DSL connections are pretty freaking expensive. I don't got that kind of money, man.

only those who earn their names are ever remembered,