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2002-04-26 11:35 a.m.

fun with the occult and other oddities


Finals are over, and it's packing time.

Movies I saw recently.

Big Trouble. I liked it, mostly for the great cast. I was really pleased to see the kid from Flash Forward, Ben Foster, in it. Apparently he was in a movie with Kirsten Dunst last year, too... I wonder whatever happened to Jewel Staite? I guess she's still kicking around somewhere. 3 stars

Short Cuts. It's like Magnolia except not as good. And I didn't really like Magnolia. Though Short Cuts gets points for being first. Y'see, being a film about humans and their relationships is no excuse for having no plot, boring dialogue, and uninteresting characters that you could care less about. But that's just my opinion. The first half was especially tedious. That's a film that really doesn't need to be three and a half hours long. 1 star

Amelie. This is the best film I've seen in a while. I left this film feeling happier than I can remember being in a long time. Y'see, overtly happy, optimistic movies always leave me unconvinced. But Amelie slipped it's happiness fingers around my throat without me even noticing, and before I had realized what happened it was pressing the Adam's Apple of Pessimism against the Spine of Sadness, throttling the cynicism out of me. It was wonderful. What else would you expect from the maker of Delicatessen and City of Lost Children? It's one to own- 4 stars.

Other news- Junko had some coupons for a free tarot reading and earlier this week she dragged me off with her to the psychic. ugh... Anyway, here's what I remember of what the psychic read in my cards- She sees a major trip in my near future, as well as two smaller ones (not bad). She says professionally I'm set- everything will be cool (thanks for the vote of confidence). She says I'm meant to make a difference (I bet she says that to all the boys). She says the main thing she's worried about right now is romantic issues, because apparently I came up with an unusually large number of cards related to women and romance (I like women!). She says there is a guy who has a crush on me right now (probably not true, but would I be surprised if it was? No.). She says there is a woman from my past who is interested in being part of my life again, but that this woman is no good for me (she'd like to put me in her zoo right between the canaries and the cockatoo; she'll pull out my feathers for her brand new hat and when she's done that she'll feed me to her cat, so watch out- she ain't no good for me. ... "I'm sorry Duchess, my psychic told me not to talk to you anymore. Cuz you're evil and all."). She says the person I'm with right now may actually be my soulmate (Junko? soulmate? The thought never even occurred to me. The thought doesn't really even occur now, since I don't believe in soulmates.) and that if I let this person go I'm going to regret it for the rest of my life (are you threatening me?). She then used all this as a springboard to launch into her relationship theories. She was actually pretty convincing- as we were leaving she was telling us we'd have to come back in a few months, and I was actually considering it. Non-free readings cost 50 bucks. Shyeah. It was interesting, but it wasn't fifty bucks interesting.

Junko and I spent all day the other day in Zion National Park. I think that must be one of the most beautiful places in the whole world...

The the thing that annoys me most about Junko is her driving. I've managed to more or less break her of some habits- like using the left turn lane as a merging lane every time she turns left, remaining in the left lane on the freeway when she's not passing people.

See, she doesn't like taking my car to places because the speakers aren't very good, and let's admit it- the engine could blow at any time. So we always take her car, which she insists on driving (or at least, my offers to drive are almost always turned down). She did okay on the way to Zions, but on the way back (we left from there about 11 pm) she was unusually erratic. She wanted me to sleep while she drove because I had a final the next day. I usually can't sleep in cars under the best of conditions, but add in Junko's driving (which succeeds in waking me up with random swerves even if I do manage to nod off) and there's just no way. So me wanting to sleep but not being able to on the way back eventually resulted in my going into Morning Mode, which is always bad, making her driving one hundred times more annoying than it would have been otherwise. I didn't say much- I only comment when she's doing something really blatant...

Anyway, here's how Junko drives on the freeway. A lot of this comes from her inability to pay attention to more than one thing at a time (I'm sure she's got ADD. She's afraid to go to psychologist about it because if she goes and finds out she doesn't have ADD, then it means that she's "just dumb." If Junko doesn't have ADD, no one does.). She can't keep a constant speed- if the speed limit is 75, she'll usually vary between 60 and 100. Except on the way back, it was more between 45 and 80. Infuriating (if you get passed by a semi once- hey it happens sometimes. But when you get passed 3, 5, 8 times by semis, you need to drive faster, dammit.). Eventually I got sick of it and walked her through how to turn on the cruise control. She decided on a speed that was lower than I would have liked, but I was willing to tolerate it if she would just stay there. But no- she was always turning the cruise control off for (what seemed to me) inexplicable reaons and slowing way down for a while... Related to that, she has a tendency when coming up on someone slower to just come up right behind and slow down to their speed, even if they're going 50. Then maybe she'll speed up later and pass them. Or when passing, she'll wait till she's in their blind spot and then slow down to go the same speed as the car she's passing. When someone is passing her, her tendency is either to take her foot of the gas and just coast, letting her speed plummet until they've past, or to increase her speed to match theirs as they are passing (she did this with a semi truck once- that was one of the cases I snapped at her to either acclerate past or let the guy pass her completely). She has a tendency to drift to the right- I think she has to resist the urge to get off on every exit. And she definitely can't do anything like changing CDs while driving... She's generally inattentive. I just don't understand what's going on in her head when she's driving sometimes. Oh well. We got back alive, if later than I would have liked.

There is a possibility that after tomorrow I will never see Junko again. I'm going to Japan and she's graduating, and it has not yet been decided whether she will still be here when I get back.

i smell like i sound,