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2001-04-30 8:05 p.m.

i've got demons!

So, a new chapter in the life of greyarea has begun. Kelly and Dave left this afternoon to go back to California for the summer, and I'm now back in the same place I was living last year (up until about a year ago last week), except now I'm speaking Japanese instead of French. I'm living two floors directly below my old apartment.

I just hope my roommates are cool, which I fear might be unlikely. I've met two of the four so far... The one has already gone around and labelled all the cabinets and drawers with what he thinks should go there... I'm sure he'll be a ton of fun! (That was sarcasm.) To kind of test the waters, I've put a sign up in the living room that I got from Kelly and Dave's new house (they won't be living there until the end of August) that says, "DANGER- ASBESTOS- CANCER AND LUNG DISEASE HAZARD- AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY- RESPIRATORS AND PROTECTIVE CLOTHING ARE REQUIRED IN THIS AREA." We'll see how they react. I'll keep ya posted, eh? Wish me luck!

Last week, after my last entry, I went 24 hours without sleep or food (except a can of Whoopass). I'm actually very fond of mornings when I'm fully conscious for them...

The place I was living is going to keep my deposit for thirty days so they have plenty of time to come up with ways to screw me. I realize now that the management of that place really sucks.

I saw a movie called Brigham City today. It kind of reminded me of a Utah version of Fargo. It was a well-made film, and also an interesting glimpse at the world of rural Utah Mormons (or at least, I imagine it would be for those who aren't already intimately acquainted with them). My former acting teacher even had a cameo in it. However, the film did leave me feeling all... googly-woogly inside. Bad hoodoo, if you know what I mean. (And I'm sure you do...)

Speaking of hoodoo, Dave made me a copy of his News Radio (one word or two? I can't remember) tapes. I am now the proud owner of every single episode of the show. What a thoughtful young man.

Excerpt from a conversation I had today:

Me- "One of these days I'm gonna get involved with a good girl who knows better than to get mixed up with a bad boy like me but just can't help herself." [i'm a rebel, dottie, a loner. you don't want to get mixed up with a guy like me.]

Kelly- "[laughs] Yeah right. You couldn't be a bad boy if you tried."

Me- "But I play guitar!"

Kelly- "Yeah, and your hair's just a little too long, isn't it? You know what you're like? You're like Hecubus from Kids in the Hall."

Dave- "I've got demons! ... Demons that would open a door for an old lady carrying too many bags... BUT DEMONS NONETHELESS!"

rebel without a clue,