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2004-05-04 3:01 p.m.


So, we went to the second day of Coachella this last weekend. By we, I mean my sister, Nemesis, and me.

All in all it was pretty enjoyable. It was hot. The crowds were quite calm, which surprised me at a venue that size. Though the highest billed acts on Sunday were The Cure, The Flaming Lips, Air, and Belle and Sebastian- not exactly mosh music. Apparently the Radiohead show the night before wasn't quite so sedate.

We didn't get to see Radiohead because by the time we got around to buying our tickets, the first day was sold out. Silly us. I've never seen Radiohead live, so I was put out.

Belle and Sebastian did a really good set.

Air was just fine.

Wayne Coyne came down in a bubble from space. The Flaming Lips show was the most extravagant show, but they only managed to get four and half songs done. What with the late start, the 45 minute limit, and all the tubthumping and all. This was the third time I'd seen the Flaming Lips, and honestly the first time I've seen them and actually known the songs they did (first time was in Japan, second time when they opened for Beck). I gotta say, they just don't sound as good live, though the onstage antics do tend to make up for it.

The Cure came on a half hour late and played for nearly two hours. We left about a half an hour before they stopped because we wanted to beat the rush to get out of there (Nemesis and sis were driving back to Utah the next day) and because Nemesis wasn't feeling all that well. They did a great job and Robert Smith sounds as good live as he does on the albums; he also sounds as good now as he ever did. ...But all those songs start to sound the same after an hour or so.

We also saw Muse (liked, though maybe I shouldn't admit it), Bright Eyes (didn't like), Broken Social Scene (not bad), and a little of Atmosphere (he sucks).

It took us forever to find our car after we got out (it felt like a Seinfeld episode) and then forever to get out of there in the car, and then forever to finally find a gas station. And then we had a tire blow while driving on I-10 at 2 am (I was driving). It was cool; I pulled over and we successfully changed the tire. We got to the hotel room around 3:30am, I think.

I seem to have amassed a good collection of freeway mishaps the past couple years. While on the interstate, I've had my engine fall to pieces because there was no oil in it (I don't think I actually chronicled that one in here- it was January of 2002, I think), I've driven in insane snow storms, happened upon a horrific accident before police and medics got there to direct traffic around it, had a fatal engine overheating, and slid off the icy road into the median (I wasn't driving at the time). And now the fabled blow out. So, yay me and my driving experience.

Oh, here's an article from the local paper about Coachella.

Anyway, I went to bed around 5pm yesterday and slept not quite straight through to 11am today. Didn't get called into work this morning. It was nice. I had strange dreams. One had chocobo zombies.

Latest fun quote from a student:

"I feel like Primadonna! ... I don't even know who that is..."

That one came from a seventh grader, though, so it was less appalling and more cute.

i'm not shining, just radioactive,