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2000-05-12 16:00:23

ravings VI

who would have guessed that we would end up the bananas that we are. wishing is a gesture of clowns wearing toupées. sometimes i wish i was blank like so many pieces of slate dripping with hot wax from the nasal cavity of a dead banker. friends don't let friends have friends.

friendship! of all the. beetle. gasp quickly between gulps of sludge.

my soul is filled with honey

but i can't taste it

rancid with energy i climb into bed whipping between airplanes of disaster and love i'll be there klick into place and let's see what happens where were you thinking to go above the skies that are below our hearts and hands and words? forget all of them they never did it for you never were where you thought they should be no one ever is krishnas dance the madness in my room and i wonder why i'm unable to join with them the snakes are scary life is a bowl of leeches best to just keep away unless your finger was cut off and just barely put back on or your ear wakarimasu ka? iie, wakarimasen. koko made ikimasu je me casse les vietnamiens ne sont pas tout ce qu'ils semblent, n'est-ce pas? are you ready? you remind me tu m'en rappelle. c'est heureux, n'est-ce pas? i was longing for you or maybe it was a cup of hot chocolate- it's hard to tell the difference. gargoyles will gnaw my bones. et je le merite. you ever met a gecko, son? tear your arms right off iffn ya so much the highlights are forgotten when the lowlights come to town