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2004-05-13 11:35 p.m.


I'm a little upset right now.

This whole prison scandal completely disgusts me.

Of course the Bush administration had to fuck this up. We shouldn't even be over there in the first place- there's no fucking WMDs, we've just created a new haven for terrorists, and we keep finding new ways to make them hate us.

And you know that these prisoner abuses aren't isolated incidents, much as they'd like you to think so. It's a goddamn policy. The Red Cross has known about it, and you bet the Iraqis have known about it. Whatever support we had among the Iraqi people is completely disappeared now.

People who are outraged at the outrage can go to hell.

You can't pretend this didn't happen. If you think this should have been kept secret, fuck you. Morality is not determined based on what you can get away with without anyone knowing about it. Many of the people in these prisons, probably most of them, are totally innocent. All it takes is for a grudge-bearing neighbor to go to the Americans and say, "So and so is a member of Al Qaeda" and they'll bust down your door at three in the morning, grab you and any other people who happen to be in the house (especially the males), put a bag over your head, and drag you off to God knows where. No reason is necessary and no evidence need be provided. You won't get a trial, you won't get a lawyer, but they will do everything they can to break you.

How wonderful that the people of Iraq are finally getting to experience American democracy!

It makes me ashamed to be an American.