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2002-05-29 6:11 p.m.

Pineapple Kit Kats, Men's Pocky, and Pocari Sweat

You'd think I'd have a lot to talk about, but nothing's really coming to mind.

I'm getting used to it here, and my Japanese is improving. You just wait and see- I'll be pretty damn good by the time I leave here.

I'd always thought Japanese girls would find me more attractive than American girls, and I think I was right. I kind of look like an anime character (especially when my hair is long). I'm not too tall, not too big, with relatively small nose and narrow eyes. I'm a mysterious and different European-type without all the things that make European-types unattractive to the Japanese.

Japan Japan Japan. What to say? It seems like there's a hair salon on every corner. It's old. They have pineapple Kit Kats, Men's Pocky (sorry ladies, this candy ain't for you), Pocari Sweat, and Jean Reno selling mini mini vans on TV.

Being here has given me a slight taste of what it would be like to be illiterate. I'm not really illiterate in Japanese, but I don't read well. It's hard when you're not sure whether a big long public notice is trying to say "Park Here" or "Don't Park Here" and when try as you might you just can't seem to figure out how to find what you're looking for at the bookstore or the music store... Frustrating. My ability to read Japanese is improving rapidly, though.

I'll have a lot more sympathy for foreign visitors to American after this.

I thought I might go on about why I'm so fascinated with Japan, but I'm tired. Next time.

Yesterday was Duchess's birthday.

living is easy with eyes closed,