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2000-06-01 18:15:34

for those of y'all that wear fanny packs

I'm listening to "For Those of Y'all that Wear Fanny Packs" by Ben Folds Five right now. That song always makes me laugh.

Well, I haven't written in a while. Writer's block or something. Yeah, you know.



Block of writers.


I just ordered $40 dollars worth of Sailor Moon tapes. I'm an idiot.

And I've been feeling pretty stupid generally lately. I used to think I was pretty smart, but quizzes in my O chem lab class have been consistently proving me wrong lately... Maybe it's just because I'm not getting enough sleep- staying up and recording Gundam Wing every night and all. But is that an excuse for or a confirmation of my idiocy?

You know, I can achieve mediocrity in anything. I can't think of anything I do exceptionally well at the moment. But there's a lot of things I can do fairly well. It pisses me off. Specialization sucks. There's a term in Japanese, "kiyou binbou" I think it is, which refers to a very intelligent person who ends up poor because they can't specialize. I think it means something like "poor jack of all trades." I think that's a pretty cool reason to be poor. Last time my mom asked me what I wanted to do with my life, I said I wasn't sure whether I wanted to get a doctorate in biochemistry or go to Japan and start a band.

I'd rather be a superb truck driver than a mediocre research chemist.

Theoretically I'm driven, motivated, and ambitious. But in practice I often end up just old-fashioned lazy.

I'm rambling here.

Gotta go to band soon. Would rather sleep.

sleep sleep sleepy sleepy

I overheard someone talking today about how they fell asleep at the keyboard, and when they woke up they had typed thirty pages of the same letter. it was funny. ha.

Prioritize. important first not important not first. mental note. nod.

I don't know why, but I'd really like to have a daughter someday.

a goat in sheep's clothing,


so you can laugh all you want to
cause i got my philosophy
it keeps me walking when i'm falling down