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2000-06-03 00:04:42

untitled and unsung



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Belly right now. Just so that's clear. I liked Star. I thought King was even better. And Tanya Donnelly's solo album Love Songs for Underdogs was even better than that.

My life isn't that interesting to write about just now. No deep depression (most of the time), no projectile vomit. No French classes. But you still love me, don't you?

I was watching a rerun of the finals of the National Spelling Bee last night on ESPN 2 (this sentence somehow strikes me as funny). (Fun fact about greyarea- he won three sets of encyclopedias in spelling bees; three years in a row he got second place in the regional bee and couldn't go to the national one- but that's okay because you can sell a set of encyclopedias for a lot of money... greyarea also had five wisdom teeth removed and occasionally indulges in referring to himself in the third person- he would now like to return to the topic of this paragraph...) And it seems to me that a lot of it is luck. Some of those words were relatively easy, but some were pretty much impossible. The fleshy headed mutant I thought would win ended up getting third- she missed the word "venire," pronounced "veneery." I doubt any of those kids would have gotten that one. Who would have guessed that "e" on the end? The kid who won did it by spelling the word "demarche." How easy is that? If you know French, a lot of those words are no-brainers. The key to being able to spell the words they throw at you is to know word origins (most of them are Latin, Greek, or French) and how they translate into English spelling.

HEY- I happen to find spelling bees interesting.

Bad spelling really annoys me. When I read a letter or something with spelling mistakes, whoever wrote it just comes off as an idiot to me. And spelling mistakes just interrupt the continuity of the writing. It's like when a CD player skips. I HATE that. It's like time flow has been interrupted. It makes me want to scream. I've had the same portable CD player for six years- from back before the 20 second anti-skip things or whatever they have on dem new fangled contraptions. The thing has been so abused that just touching it incorrectly will cause it to skip now. It can be frustrating at times, but I tend to get attached to my inanimate objects, and I probably won't get rid of it until it totally crashes (which will be really annoying).

I saw a little girl today in the grocery store who had a banana and was pretending it was a phone. ha.

[can't you think of anything interesting to say?]


now when you spin on your head like a monkey, i won't see you.

Conversation of the Day:

K: "They're dangerous and violent, but they're all really nice guys."

O: "How can you be so sure of that?"

K: "I just know. The spirit of outer space tells me."

O: "The spirit of outer space?"

K: "The spirit of outer space."

silver fish line his pocket,