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2001-06-04 11:10 p.m.

star gentle uterus!

So, it's June. That's fine by me.

It's been difficult lately, kids. Classes have been real up and down. At least there have been ups... Is it weird that I actually feel better after taking a physics test? I think I actually enjoy doing physics, oddly enough... Maybe I should become a quantum mechanic. Only two more weeks left in this hell term... I gotta just grit my teeth for a little bit.

In other depressing news, it seems the Priestess of Cute's boyfriend did not come just for a visit. He has moved here. He told me I look like David Spade. I'm coming to the realization that the best course of action here is probably to start cutting this girl out of the more central portions of my heart... Must kill feelings. (You'd think it'd get easier to do, wouldn't you?)

The two famous people I get told I look like most often are Leonardo DiCaprio (especially when my hair's wet) and David Spade. I'm kinda short, kinda skinny, with kinda long blond hair. And I'm a smarmy little bastard. And I'm pretty (or so I keep telling myself). Depending on which of these two characteristics is most obvious to the person making the judgement, I look like either David Spade or Leonardo DiCaprio.

I finally got the 5th season of Sailor Moon on tape (subbed). It's... really weird. My roommates sometimes watch a bit with me, and... well... Sailor Stars just isn't a good introduction to Sailor Moon. The first several episodes are just... disturbing. And then there's the Sailor Starlights. These are guys who transform into girls when they become sailor senshi. One of them has an attack where he/she yells "Star Gentle Uterus!" Some of the daily monsters in S and SuperS were kind of weird, but the ones in Stars are just... insane. Here's a description of the daily monster from the episode I watched tonight (taken from a site with Sailor Moon episode summaries), where the bad guys turn a high school football (American style) player into a monster that attacks Sailor Moon: "The monster (Sailor Guts) is... basically, the football player, turned pink, and dressed in a miniature version of Sailor Moon's outfit, complete with little wings. The monster prepares his attack, which is hurling globs of sweat."

So now I have subtitled versions of Sailor Moon episodes 1-50, and 73-200. If anyone knows where I could get English subtitled versions of 55-72, do let me know... I have dubbed versions of these episodes, but it's just not the same, you know?

Now for something that will be completely uninteresting to you if you're not obsessed with anime (if my rambling about Sailor Moon wasn't enough). I've made some interesting discoveries looking around here. Some of these discoveries are confirmations of what I already suspected, some are complete surprises to me. The same voice actress (Hisakawa Aya) did Sailor Mercury in Sailor Moon, Suzuki Arimi in Marmalade Boy, AND Keroberos in Card Captor Sakura. The same voice actress (Hayashibara Megumi) did Pai in 3X3 Eyes, Ayanami Rei, Pen Pen, AND Ikari Yui in Neon Genesis Evangelion, Saotome Ranma in Ranma 1/2, and Lina Inverse in Slayers. The same voice actress (Araki Kae) did Chibiusa in Sailor Moon and Miaka in Fushigi Yuugi. And the same voice actress (Ogata Megumi) did Shinji in Evangelion, Yukito in Card Captor Sakura, and Sailor Uranus in Sailor Moon. And the guy (Midorikawa Hikaru) who does Tamahome in Fushigi Yuugi is the guy who does Heero Yui in Gundam Wing! I could spend hours on this site!

I know I'm a pathetic loser. You don't have to tell me.