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2000-06-07 02:56:51

thoughts at the moment

I'm listening to Palestrina right now. I really dig that stuff. Most choral stuff doesn't do much for me, but that Renaissance era stuff is really nice... Though I hate madrigals. Most opera bugs the hell out of me, too. They just go way overboard with the vibrato, and to these ears it sounds like crap. I dig boys choirs, though. There's just something that I like about it... I don't know. You know, I think they managed to make a recording of one of the last castrati... I'd like to hear that. Anyway, medieval and early renaissance religious music is really great.

I went swimming last night. It was really nice. Felt really good to get my body working like that again. I feel like I can explore my body's potential a lot more completely when stupid gravity isn't dragging me down. And you don't get all sweaty and smelly (unless you count the smell of chlorine as "smelly") like you do when you work out on land. And the water flowing past your ears just cuts out the outside world, and you can be truly alone. I love being in water. I really should go more often. I'm just too lazy.

I really like classical music. Most people seem to like either classical or rock, and seem to feel something like contempt for the other. Well, I think they're missing out.

in paradisum deducant te angeli,