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2002-07-04 6:40 p.m.

fourth of july greetings

Happy Fourth of July. Few people here know that today is The Fourth of July (as opposed to just July fourth), and even fewer care. Oh well. I wish I had a sparkler or something. Light a firecracker for me, will ya?

I'm a touch sick right now, though not nearly as sick as I was yesterday. I had some interesting experiences last weekend. I'd love to relate them to you, but I'm just not feeling well enough to do them justice at the moment, so... Maybe later.

I actually get a weird pleasure out of being sick when there's nothing I have to be doing. When I've got stuff to do it sucks. But I enjoy fever induced delirium, and I like how existence seems to be a totally different color when you're sick.

keep your electric eye on me, babe,