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2000-07-09 05:54:41

morning madness

It's almost 6 am, and the sun is rising.

No, I didn't get up unusually early. I was up all night watching PBS. After fifteen minutes of "Antique Road Show" I decided I'd better call it a night. Or a morning.

Yes. I'm serious.

I read the first three Harry Potter books last week. They were actually pretty good. I'm even toying with the idea of writing a little Harry Potter fan fiction. It can be hard to find good fan fiction. Most of my experience with it is with Sailor Moon fan fiction. A good 95% (with Harry Potter fan fiction, it's probably pretty close to 100%) of the Sailor Moon fan fiction on the web is complete crap. It really sucks. But you can find some real gems- things that are deeper and more thoughtful than the original series was ever meant to be. And that to me could be the value of writing Harry Potter fan fiction- I could write Harry Potter the way parts of me wished it had been done in the first place.

A trio of fourteen year girls I ran into the other night thinks I'm "hot." Though I didn't hear this directly from them, of course. The elder sister of one of the three was kind of enough to inform me of their judgement. They thought I was hot.

And I am! ; P

It's been a long time since I was awake at this ungodly hour. Morning- the dark hour of despair. I got up at 4 pm yesterday, so my sleep schedule is a tad off. Actually, I'd love to be getting up at 4 pm EVERY day, but college professors and employers have an annoying tendency of scheduling things for me at 8 in the frickin morning.

I dropped all my classes this term but one. A boy needs a little break now and then, doncha think?

I watched PBS ALL NIGHT! And the night before, I watched Sailor Moon subs ALMOST ALL NIGHT! I am one pathetic loser. Oh well. 14 year old chicks think I'm hot, and that just validates everything, doesn't it? The fact that these girls are N'Sync and Backstreet Boys fans is irrelevant. ; P

I got six episodes of French dub Sailor Moon. It's pretty amusing to watch. "Pouvoir du prisme lunaire, transforme-moi!" rigolo

I'll... uhh... just stop talking about Sailor Moon now...

I think I'm all Sailor Mooned out right now.

Okay. NOW I'll stop talking about Sailor Moon. Really!

Today- I mean yesterday evening- I saw a girl of European descent dressed in a kimono carrying a Japanese fan with the name of a Bannock Indian chief printed upon it. The modern world is a strange place.

You know, CDs can work pretty well as mirrors when you don't have a mirror handy. I'm a pretty boy, yes I am! Look at you, you pretty, pretty boy!

Who wants ice cream?!?!

anyone for tennis

Of all the numbers, five. Or six, if you insist on counting. But if not, five. But perhaps five really is the number of choice for those who insist on counting. Depends on what you're counting, I suppose...

[you know, sometimes i just start a diary entry and just keep typing until the incoherency spirals out of control]

centered on the twoness of my being,