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2003-07-14 12:07 a.m.

black math

you are locked into your suffering
and your pleasures are the seal

Little Wing is back from Chile and acting weird. I think I shall have to upgrade her nickname to Winter Lady.

and why are you so quiet now
standing there in the doorway
you chose your journey long before
you came upon this highway

Oh, I did go to Hollywood about a month ago to see The Eels live. That was a treat. A real treat.

I'm at a unique time in my life right now. For the first time ever, really, the next step has not been laid out for me. I have absolutely no commitments at the moment. Whatever I want to do, I can- I just have to make it happen. It's kind of nice.

That's all I've got for tonight. I'm tired.

don't you think that i'm bound to react now?
my fingers definitely turning to black now
maybe i'll put my love on ice
teach myself, maybe that'll be nice

mathematically turning the page,