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2000-07-17 21:03:12

tales of brave ulysses

I'm listening U2's The Joshua Tree right now. I've come to appreciate that album a lot more over the past couple days. There's no real reason for that- it's just that I usually have to take the time to actually LISTEN to an album about five times through before I really begin to appreciate it (if it deserves my appreciation, which most albums that I buy usually do). Though, for an Irish band, it's a pretty America-centric work...

A lot of people don't even know what a joshua tree is.

I've been sleeping a lot the past few days. Like, more than usual. Maybe that's just because my sleep has been so light- it's been around 100 degrees Farenheit around here lately, and the air conditioning in my room is pretty sporadic. I've been having really weird dreams, too. Weird as in, "Why would I dream about something as stupid as that?" Generally my dreams are pretty interesting, but these have been annoyingly mundane. I don't remember much about them, I just remember waking up and thinking, "What was that?"

I have three main goals right now, and sometimes they seem mutually exclusive. I want to start a (serious) band, go to Japan (for at least a year, perhaps staying indefinitely), and be a biochemist (preferably one with a PhD). I feel drawn and quartered by my desires sometimes.

destiny protect me from the world
hold my hand protect me from the world

My sister came back from Australia yesterday. Airports are such strange places. So many people coming from and going to so many different places, converging temporarily in one place. i say hello and you say goodbye

When I'm thirsty, I generally drink straight from the faucet. Apparently this is not normal behavior, but I've been doing it so long that it seems normal to me. Using a glass just seems like a waste of time and a glass when the water can go straight from the faucet into my mouth. Generally when I drink from the faucet, I turn so the right side of my head is facing down. When I try it with the left side of my head facing down, it feels very awkward, as if I was trying to write with my left hand.

My now 14 year old cousin made a Sailor Moon music video. I think the song is by Ace of Base. It's not too bad. Though I can't say I'm an Ace of Base fan- I had a roommate who would listen to his Ace of Base tape over and over and over. And those songs get stuck in your head like nothing else...

Today in the mail came the first ever wedding announcement addressed to me, personally.

My black ink cartridge needs to be replaced or refilled.

It amazes me sometimes how little I can accomplish in the course of a day.

you thought the leaden winter
would bring you down forever
but you rode upon a steamer
to the violence of the sun

and the colors of the sea
find your eyes with trembling mermaids
and you touched the distant beaches
with tales of brave of ulysses
how his naked ears were tortured
by the sirens sweetly singing
for the sparkling waves are calling you
to kiss their white laced lips

and you see a girl's brown body
dancing through the turquoise
and her footprints make you follow
where the sky loves the sea
and when your fingers find her
she drowns you in her body
carving deep blue ripples
in the tissues of your mind

tiny purple fishes
run laughing through your fingers
and you want to take her with you
to the heartland of the winter

her name is aphrodite
and she rides a crimson shell
and you know you cannot leave her
for you touched the distant sands
with tales of brave of ulysses
how his naked ears were tortured
by the sirens sweetly singing

she walks like a bearded rainbow,