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2004-07-20 12:58 a.m.


So last night I told Junko that I would go to Japan alone and that she shouldn't hold her breath waiting for us to get back together ("mou gambaranai hou ga ii").

She then informed me that I had just made the second worst day of her life (I didn't bother to ask which day was the first) and that we would likely never speak again.


Well, score another victory for the Junko Exclusion Coalition. It looks like the war may finally be drawing to a close. Yet somehow I get the feeling that the Junko Inclusion League may be plotting one last big push.

I guess what I'm saying is, I reserve the right to change my mind.

JEC and JIL. Huh.

Jec and Jil went up a hill...

Anyway, I'm a little down about the apparent death of this relationship. I've been listening to this song on endless repeat today. (Though she probably feels those sentiments much more deeply than I do.)

"Do you believe what you're saying?"

"Yeah right now but not that often."

like satin in a coffin,


P.S. Had a nice chat with Nemesis this evening. Apparently we each find the other to be one of the most frustrating persons to deal with that we've ever known. I'm kind of glad that's out in the open, really. I think the vast difference in our communication styles is one of the main reasons it didn't work out for us...