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2001-07-21 12:48 a.m.

report on las vegas OR i'm not a loser but i am a bitchy queen

Hey, look everyone! Katie made me a new layout! Isn't she a sweetie?

So, anyway, maybe I'll talk a touch about Las Vegas now.

Lessee... So... This was my first time being around the openly gay and the openly drunk out of their minds. Nice people, though. (The gay and the drunk out of their minds are present here, of course, but they're compelled to keep a pretty low profile...) Though my desire to drink alcohol was certainly not increased by the experience.

Favorite quote from Katie's brother: "Are you sure you're not gay? Cause you're a bitchy queen." Coming from him, I'll take that as a compliment.

Yes. So. Katie is a very nice young woman. But she's also a bitch, so don't dick with her. But she's a sweetheart of a bitch. ; >

So, anyway, she was confronted with some of my charming idiosyncracies- like my pen fetish. I love my pens- Pilot Precise Rolling Ball V5 Extra Fine. I flip them around my thumb constantly and I'm slightly neurotic in caring for them. I bestowed a particularly faithful pen upon Katie at the end of our time together. This is a token of great esteem. Just so everyone knows.

My other fun idiosyncracy which came out then- I name all my button-up shirts. I tend to get attached to my material objects, and this is just another manifestation of that, I guess. Anyway, here are the names.

The Special

The Euro

The Mexican

The Warm Fuzzy

The Beat Shirt

The I'm a Sexy Bitch Shirt (which should perhaps be renamed The Are You Sure You're Not Gay Shirt)

Oh, and then there's The One My Sister Picked Out For Me and, uhh... That Other One.

So, yes. The occasion was the defcon convention. We spent a fair amount of time doing nothing in the yak room... We spent many hours being lost in Las Vegas on foot and in a car. I sang karaoke to her (Brak's I Love You Baby- because it's cool). We finally crashed Saturday morning at about 5am.

I left The Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy to return to Happy Valley sometime that afternoon. I got home about 9pm Saturday. Then instead of going straight to bed, I spent the night at the campus TV station with Girl Next Door, watching 80s teen romances on TNT. She works there (at the campus TV station, not TNT). At one point, she was bitching about how there's this guy she likes who is oblivious (or pretends to be oblivious) to the fact that she likes him. She didn't say who it was. I hope it's not me. I hope I'm a conceited asshole for even wondering if it's me... She's a cool girl and all, just not for me... Is it leading a girl on to go to her work with her for the whole night? Anyway, got home from that at 6:30am, then slept till 4:30 in the afternoon. yay.

Katie says I'm no longer allowed to call myself a loser. I guess I'll have to find something else... But, anyway, she is on my list of Valued People.

I think I'll stop there.