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2001-07-24 1am

perhaps the most miscellaneous entry i have written

Did you know in Japan they assign personalities to blood types? Where we might ask, "What's your sign?" they are just as likely to ask, "What's your blood type?" It's called ketsuekigata. Here's some links. I don't actually know what my blood type is, but Junko is certain that I'm AB. Actually, the description of AB in the first link there describes me fairly well, I guess...

It seems like everyone's using AIM these days. No one's on ICQ anymore. I personally like ICQ better, but...

This Japanese class is getting out of control. I'm learning in 8 weeks the kanji that Japanese school kids learn in five years. And all of a sudden in the middle of term the pace has doubled... But you don't care about such details, do you?

I went to the Jello Fest today. Cultural event of the year...

Oh, yes. I landed my first paid acting gig. It'll only be something like 5 hours of work this month and again in September, but... I'm not complaining. It's a voice acting thing for a French educational CD. Two kids (brother and sister) go to France to have an adventure and learn French along the way. I'll be doing the voice of the brother. Because my voice can sound like that of a 12 year-old, often even when I don't want it to... So... yay me.


I love Ren and Stimpy.

Wanna read something weird? Lovecraft said he invented The Necronomicon, but here, supposedly, is the actual text... Fun stuff.

there's a goth child in each of us,