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2002-07-26 7:26 p.m.

no love psychedelico for me

I actually wrote an entry a few days ago. But see, on Japanese keyboards (or at least, THIS Japanese keyboard), the space bar is about one third the size of a normal space bar. Which means I'm always hitting the keys NEXT to the space bar. And apparently right next to the space bar is a magic key that only comes into being when whatever you're writing is 75-100% done but not yet printed or submitted. If you accidentally hit this key while it is in existence, everything you just wrote is deleted all at once. Pretty convenient, eh? Those Japanese are always finding ways to make a good thing better.

In other news, I decided not to go to the Fuji Rock Festival. I did a calculation last night as to how much the trains, the tickets, and the other stuff would cost me. Then I looked deep into my heart of hearts and found that the experience just isn't worth the 600 bucks to me. I did so want to see Love Psychedelico though... And Shonen Knife. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jane's Addiction, and Sonic Youth will be there too... Oh well. There's another festival next month in Chiba, which I will probably go to because it's cheaper, closer to here, and has bands just as good and maybe better. Plus the time and location make it a perfect starting point for my trip exploring Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, and perhaps Osaka if I feel like it.

In the entry that wasn't I went on and on about finally finding a theater that was showing Star Wars, and watching it at last. I liked it. Just how much I liked it will require further viewing to determine, but it gets the four stars, of course. I think all the naysayers are just expecting too much. They all got obsessed with Star Wars when they were impressionable elementary school kids, and now nothing will ever be good enough. If you went to this film hoping to hear the voice of God and see angels flying out of the screen to bless all mankind... well, you were disappointed, weren't ya?

I made curry last night, and it worked pretty good. A lot better than last week's gyouza. When peeling the ginger for those gyouza, I accidentally took off two chunks of skin from the fingers on my left hand. And boy did they bleed. But I'm always pleased when I can literally invest my blood, sweat, and/or tears into my cooking.

Bon's coming up soon. Bon (pronounced kinda like "bone," except with a more nasal "n" sound), by the way, is a major Japanese holiday where everyone goes back to their hometown and pays homage to their ancestors. It's huge. There's your cultural lesson for the day.

still insisting the potato be cut in the French way,