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2000-07-29 10:45:15

ravings VII

sent for you yesterday and here you come today i baby whoa let's get it into the sun before it melts our hearts into mud. monday. mondai. monday wa mondai desu mondee tuesdee wed nes dee thoysdee lit around the library today; the bats were unusually lively. watch out for those. they'll steel your heart. and we don't want that, do we? mm? question mark. pierre le point d'interrogation don't forget me i'm not gone yet

ever had one in your hand? just beating like the apocalypse was if or when? to. over time it will over come with me. i'll heal you. destroy all that threatens you. you know that i... where are we going? for once in time of life i wish i had wetted myself before it rained. i think i need to. baisser la bass. no no NO! death first! what?! well then, that was informative AND fun. let's all say thanks to the nice man. my daddy is a health physicist. up up up and down son of a gun. if i had to lose a mile. What did you think I would do, seriously? alright, i'll give you the benefit of the doubt before you twist off into your new turns. girl i'm leavin you ta marra. i know it sounds funny. death and ? i'm glad you're not an accountant. you don't need to account for anything. remember that. forgetting me, remember me. i once ate nine bowls of porridge. my mother was so proud. number between. love and agony. the number one. one is. the.